Cobbler, Crisp, Buckle and Dump

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My mother-in-law had the biggest rhubarb plants I ever knew. They were seriously under used. Before we sold her house, I dug some roots and transferred them to my new raised bed. That must have been more than four years ago and the plant is still tiny compared to hers. It does give me plenty of fruit and that’s what is important.

I love rhubarb pies but the work (not to mention calories), involved is for sharing, not something I make for myself. I do make rhubarb cobbler at the drop of a hat.

There are as many names as recipes for this dessert. If my grandmother made it with blueberries she called it buckle. If it was made with peaches or rhubarb it was called cobbler.  Tart, pie, torte, pandowdy, grunt, slump,  crisp, and dump.  They are all variations of cobblers, and are usually based on seasonal fruits and berries. They are  simple to make and rely more on taste than fancy  preparation.

Here is my version. I cut up about ten stalks of rhubarb and put it in a baking dish with 1/4 cup of flour and1/4 cup each of brown and white sugar. Mix it all together and add about 3 tablespoons of cut up butter to the top.

I mix up some biscuits. I like to use reduced fat Bisquick cuz it leads me to believe there are less calories but who am I kidding.  Bake for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. That’s it, simple but delish.

Mmmm. All done.



A Slightly Different Approach

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Tagging and pricing have never been my favorite thing to do. I just spent two hours doing just that to approximately fifty “smalls” for my new booth in Steeple Antiques. “Smalls” are, well,  small things. In this case, each costing less than 10 bucks, many 1 dollar. I pay my rent with smalls. People love them. Often times, a reminder of the day they found the “quaintest little shop”.

I’ll be offering some funky little items that never would have fit in with my more sophisticated clothing booth. This new shop is  an array of eclectic  dealers and items.  Some antiques, some crafts and some…. COLLECTIBLES. You know, those items “they” tell you will be worth lots of money so you should collect them and then they never are. I won’t be offering any of those. The Beanie Babies in the attic would fit right in.

With this new endeavor I’ll be taking a slightly different approach. This will be my hobby. I won’t even imagine making a living at it.

That was Fast

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One Dollar Pig

On Wednesday I received a Facebook wall comment that started like this, “Hi – wondering if you would be interested in sharing a booth at the Antiques & collectables place being run out of the old church in the center of E.T. It is a nice shop – the woman running it is cool & on the ball. She kinda reminds me of you.”

I could not resist.  Never mind that just the day before I moved out of my booth in Brattleboro at Twice Upon a Time, where I sold vintage clothing. My answer to my good friend Mary was an almost immediate, “I’m in!”

Today I drove to E. Templeton to check it out. The shop is in an old New England church, full of character and also full of pretty cool stuff. I never thought I would actually shop seeing how I had a total of $3 in my pocket. I bought a plastic pig. Too cute and only a buck!

Tomorrow I will be bringing an armload of vintage stuff, gloves, hankies, aprons  a few Victorian baby dresses and some other odds and ends. I guess the future is here….that was fast.

Here is a link to the Facebook page of the new shop.

bird brain leaves the nest

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“Working with costumes for years, I have now ventured out into the world of vintage clothing and accessories. Is it a bird brain idea or can I actually make a living at it? We will see.”

That was the ” about me” start up of Bird Brain Vintage a few years ago. The answer is no, I could not make a living at it. I am not a business person. In the back of my mind, I knew that, but thought this might be different. I had a passion.  That passion turned into a full time hobby that was a lot of work and cost a lot of money. I barely broke even. Along the way I met some fantastic people and do not regret one moment of it. I will always have an interest vintage clothing and will probably still buy and sell when things pop into my life that need to be bought and sold. I’ll never make a living at it.

Bird Brain is moving on. Now it is time for something new. I am not sure what that will be. For now, I will make things, sew things, build things and take pictures of those things. This blog will follow my journey.

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