One Dollar Pig

On Wednesday I received a Facebook wall comment that started like this, “Hi – wondering if you would be interested in sharing a booth at the Antiques & collectables place being run out of the old church in the center of E.T. It is a nice shop – the woman running it is cool & on the ball. She kinda reminds me of you.”

I could not resist.  Never mind that just the day before I moved out of my booth in Brattleboro at Twice Upon a Time, where I sold vintage clothing. My answer to my good friend Mary was an almost immediate, “I’m in!”

Today I drove to E. Templeton to check it out. The shop is in an old New England church, full of character and also full of pretty cool stuff. I never thought I would actually shop seeing how I had a total of $3 in my pocket. I bought a plastic pig. Too cute and only a buck!

Tomorrow I will be bringing an armload of vintage stuff, gloves, hankies, aprons  a few Victorian baby dresses and some other odds and ends. I guess the future is here….that was fast.

Here is a link to the Facebook page of the new shop.