Tagging and pricing have never been my favorite thing to do. I just spent two hours doing just that to approximately fifty “smalls” for my new booth in Steeple Antiques. “Smalls” are, well,  small things. In this case, each costing less than 10 bucks, many 1 dollar. I pay my rent with smalls. People love them. Often times, a reminder of the day they found the “quaintest little shop”.

I’ll be offering some funky little items that never would have fit in with my more sophisticated clothing booth. This new shop is  an array of eclectic  dealers and items.  Some antiques, some crafts and some…. COLLECTIBLES. You know, those items “they” tell you will be worth lots of money so you should collect them and then they never are. I won’t be offering any of those. The Beanie Babies in the attic would fit right in.

With this new endeavor I’ll be taking a slightly different approach. This will be my hobby. I won’t even imagine making a living at it.