I have writers block for creativity. What would that be called? Creative block I guess. Well I have it and the only thing I am able to do is paint little things on my fingernails and then wipe them away. I have many ideas. I have plenty of materials to work with. What I don’t have is the ambition to complete anything. There is a pretty little bedside table in my head. The not so pretty table is in my basement. I have tools. I have paint. It’s just waiting.

Just waiting to be painted

One dollar table

Recently I acquired some horse chestnut burlap bags. My plan was to make a few of these. I made just this one.


Recycled door mat

I could make more….if I did not have creative block. I have plenty of burlap bags.

Plenty of burlap bags.

Horse Chestnut bags

I plan to use these cupboard door samples,

Cupboard door samples.

Door samples

to make more of these.

Once again, one is all I have made.

Message board

I cut this,

Felt deer

to do this. It’s not sewn on yet.

“Put a deer on it.”

I even have Facebook contests to keep me motivated. Winners get handmade prizes. The last winner is still waiting for her prize. This is what she will get.


So far all I have done is collected the spheres.

Collected the spheres.

Glass globes

Recently a family member gave me lots and lots of vintage fabrics. I have it sorted and folded neatly, stored here.

Looks good sitting there.

Packed with vintage fabric

My plan is to use it to sew lots of  Peter Pan collars. It only takes 30 minutes.

It only takes 30 minutes.

Cotton and linen detachable collar

I’ve made two.

I have completed a project recently that I am quite satisfied with. I only planned on making one so I consider it a success story.


Pinterest copy cat paper lantern.

They say it is the journey, not the destination that matters. My creative block will pass. When it does, I have plenty to work with.