Last week I set up in Brimfield MA. at the largest antique show you will ever see in New England. The show is held three times a year, in May, July and September, running for six days. It turned into a full two weeks with set up and then selling, all the while driving back and forth more than an hour each way every day, while trying to work my part time job as well. The work was overwhelming. The rewards and lessons learned were¬†invaluable. I met some pretty quirky dealers, amazing artists and some of the nicest people I’ll ever need to know.

My booth was a mixture of vintage clothing, retro smalls and a few funky furniture pieces. Much like everything I do, it was colorful, lighthearted and fun.



I am still processing the whole experience, while planning for a return sale next year. My dream to sell at Brimfield has been fulfilled and with it came the knowledge that I know what I am doing, I am good at it and the sky is the limit.